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Download Microsoft Text-to-Speech website demo app synthesized speech with 1 click.

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Microsoft™ Text-to-Speech is a speech service that transforms text into natural-sounding speech.
The official website features a demo app where you can generate lifelike speech.
Keep in mind that while the synthesized speech can be played, it cannot be downloaded.
This tool offers both text-to-speech playback and download functionalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a browser extension that helps you download Microsoft Text-to-Speech voices with 1 click.

After install the extension, you'll be able to see a 'Download' button next to the official 'Play' buttion. The downloaded *.mp3 is exactly the same as played by clicking 'Play' button.

Microsoft™ Text to speech is a speech service that converts text to lifelike speech. The official Microsoft™ TTS website synthesized speech can only be played but not be downloaded. URL:

Once you subscribe, there would be a 'manage' button on your account dashboard. You can cancel your subscription there.

Yes. You can get a fully refund within 3 days of your payment, with no questions asked. In such cases, please contact us at [email protected].


1.turn on the 'One-time Payment' button

2.make sure your IP locates in China, use this tool to check your IP.

- if you are in China, turn off all VPN & proxy

- if you are not in China, use a VPN back to China

3.wait for a while on the Checkout Page for the page to detect your environment

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Dylen X
Dylen X